Friday, May 9, 2014

Sexy Beast

The THC Wife and Friends have never forgiven him for dragging them to see Sexy Beast when it was released in 2001.  That occasion resulted in the revocation of his movie recommendation privileges for quite some time.  But, as THC has occasionally reminded them over the years (before they start yelling at him), none of them have ever forgotten the film; it stays in one's memory whether or not you want it to.

Sexy Beast stars Ben Kingsley as Don Logan, a rancid, rabid, repulsive, relentless and, at times, very repetitive, London gangster.  This ain't Gandhi.

Don has traveled to the south of Spain to convince a recently retired baddie named Gal (Ray Winstone who played Jack Nicholson's sidekick in The Departed), who spends most of his time, along with his wife and another former gangster couple, sunning himself by the pool at their villa, to return to London for a big job requiring his expertise.  Don will not take no for an answer.

You can watch some clips and make up your own mind.  WARNING:  Most of these are NSFW or most other venues.

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