Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Would Otter Do?

THC doesn't support Donald Trump.  But Speaker of the House Paul Ryan does.  THC is not a politician.  Paul Ryan is. Time for him to step up.  He didn’t.

A couple of days ago Ryan responded to Trump’s idiotic remarks on Judge Curiel.  Watch and listen for yourself.  To the casual listener it sounds like he calls Trump a racist and then goes on to say he still supports him over Clinton because “we” have the better “ideas and solutions” though he never says what they are or why they are better. He knew the questions were coming, had time to prepare and still couldn’t do better than this pathetic and defensive drivel.

The better course when confronted by a situation like this is to stop and think “What Would Otter Do“?
< As an exercise in political rhetoric there was a much better way to approach this.  How hard would it have been to say this instead?:
I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel because he fell into thinking about race, ethnicity and gender like a Clinton Democrat.
I don’t agree with his remarks because I am a conservative and a Republican
We believe every individual is capable of thinking for themselves and entitled to the full protection of our laws.
We are not Clinton Democrats who think that our destiny is determined by our race, our ethnicity, our gender. 
We are not Clinton Democrats who appoint judges and bureaucrats and select candidates because they expect them to vote and act in ways dictated by race, ethnicity and gender.
We are not Clinton Democrats who encourage conflict among Americans, designed to keep us apart based on race, ethnicity and gender, all for their own political benefit.
We are not Clinton Democrats whose vision for America is of a country where the spoils of liberal rule and the property of law-abiding citizens are divided up based on race, ethnicity and gender.
We are not Clinton Democrats who use the bureaucracy to shut down and intimidate those who oppose this twisted vision of our country:
  • Just ask the folks stifled by Obama’s IRS because it didn’t like their political views.
  • Just ask the folks in Wisconsin who had dawn police raids on their homes, directed by Democrats who didn’t like their political views. An outrage finally stopped by the Courts who saw this was simply Democrats playing politics.
  • Just ask the folks in California who the Democrat Attorney General tried to intimidate because she didn’t like the political views of the non-profits they contributed to. Another outrage halted by the Courts. Another Democrat playing politics.
And, believe it or not, Hillary Clinton herself has said the First Amendment, the very right to free speech, needs to be changed so people can’t say things critical of her!
Our response is not to use the bureaucracy to stifle those we disagree with, or like the Progressive academics and students on our campuses, to yell “shut up” and refuse to let our opponents speak.
Our response is not that of the supporters of the Democratic candidates, who so recently sought to violently disrupt Republican rallies and even beat up their political opponents.
Worst of all, it’s Clinton Democrats who carelessly toss around allegations of racism, bias and sexism, designed to frighten people, poison the ability of Americans to work together civilly and all for the purpose of giving Democrats political power. We reject their appeal to the worst in our nature.
The reality is very different. Remember that the next time you hear allegations of sexism raised against Donald.  Ask yourself; which party is nominating a candidate with a long history of backing vicious attacks on women who claim they were victims of sexual assault? It isn’t Republicans.
It can be tempting in the midst of this assault on American values by Progressives to respond in kind – if what the Clinton Democrats think about race, ethnicity and gender were really true, then Donald’s remarks make sense. But it isn’t true. And most Americans think it isn’t true. In fact, I’m confident most Democrats, when they stop and think about it and don’t worry about Progressives calling them racist or sexist, also don’t think it’s true. I trust that Donald Trump will not fall into that trap again.
And, as my friend Donald would say in his more concise way, these Clinton Democrat beliefs are stupid and the way losers think. We want all Americans to win together. And I agree wholeheartedly with Donald Trump on that.

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