Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peak Crazy

Chris Murphy, Connecticut's juvenile junior senator has gone completely insane, along with the rest of the Democratic Party.  He's told the Washington Post that because Republicans opposed his unconstitutional proposal on firearms "Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS"!

Senator Elizabeth Warren has tweeted her endorsement of that statement.  You remember, her don't you?  She's the Harvard Law School professor paid $350,000 a year to teach one course, all the while complaining about income inequality and who culturally (and falsely) appropriated a Native American identity to further her career.

Let's restate the facts once again:

We know Omar Mateen supported ISIS, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.  Since we also know that the government, in which Sen. Murphy places such touching faith, investigated Mateen several times and did not place him on the terrorist watch list, the Democrat proposal would not have prevented the murders in Orlando.  We should point out however, that legislation banning the sale of firearms to registered Democrats would have at least prevented Mr Mateen from legally purchasing firearms.

But what is truly appalling about Murphy, Warren and the rest of the Democrats is that they blocked a Republican proposal to allow the government to block sales to those on the watch list provided the government showed probable cause for placing them on the list within 72 hours, a proposal that had the support of the NRA.

The ACLU opposed the Republican proposal, along with the Democratic ones on the grounds that the entire watchlist process is fatally flawed.
Our nation’s watchlisting system is error-prone and unreliable because it uses vague and overbroad criteria and secret evidence to place individuals on blacklists without a meaningful process to correct government error and clear their names.

This post has been edited to correct the error.]

The apparent truth, based on their actions yesterday, is that Democrats would rather Americans die if they are unable to humble the NRA as part of their overall campaign to eviscerate the constitutional rights of those they disagree with.  If you doubt it, read Sen Murphy's full comments to the Washington Post.

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