Saturday, February 6, 2016

The State Of Massachusetts

We've featured this once before, but THC was listening to it again today and wanted to do a reprise - this time with the lyrics and a different video.  An intense and powerful song from the Dropkick Murphys.
She had excuses and she chose to use them
She was the victim of unspeakable abuses
Her husband was violent, malicious and distant
Her kids now belong to the state of Massachusetts

They've been taken away! Hey!
They've been taken away!

Billy was a bright one, Tommy's off his head
Mother loved them both the same, at least that's what she said
I don't predict the future, I don't care about the past
Send them both to DSS [Department of Social Services], now you've had your chance

The poison stole your babies
The judges took your rights
You can have your children or the night

I suppose you've been a victim, I suspect you may have lied
Have you lost all ambition, won't you give this thing a try
If you can't and you fail, you won't be the only loser
These kids don't stand a chance with you in their future

They've been taken away! Hey!
They've been taken away!

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