Friday, March 10, 2017

Walk Away

The James Gang from 1971.  You all know Joe Walsh on guitar and vocals.  On bass is Dale Peters, but pay close attention to the band's fine drummer, James "Jim" Fox.  Fox was the founder of the band and it's why they were called the James Gang.  Jim remained as drummer until the band broke up in 1976 and has since played several reunion gigs with Joe.

Fox also played with Eric Clapton, BB King and Stephen Stills.  Based on these interviews with Modern Drummer (2006) and AXS (2016), he sounds like a pretty cool and laid back guy., Right, 1971), 2011)
Jim has an interesting hobby.  According to Wikipedia:
He was an avid collector of automobile license plates, serving as an officer of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association and authoring the most prominent published work within the hobby, License Plates of the United States.
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  1. One of the Great 3 pce bands of the 70's
    Tony Flynn