Friday, June 9, 2017


I've noticed that Progressives have a way of projecting their fears, yet being the ones to actually act in the way they claim others are always preparing to do.  It reminds me of Tom Wolfe's remark "that the  dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe".

Some recent examples:

During the campaign we were deluged with anxiety about the violence of Trump supporters.  Yet it was Trump rallies that were disrupted, sometimes violently, by Sanders and Clinton supporters.  To my knowledge there were zero incidents in which a Sanders or Clinton rally was disrupted by Trump supporters.

Immediately after the election were were deluged with reports for hate crimes supposedly committed by Trump supporters.  Unfortunately for the left, almost all of these were actually perpetuated by Progressives.  I guess the good news is that the perpetrators were diverse; white males, women, African-Americans, Moslems etc.  It probably got embarrassing for the Left when four African-Americans kidnapped a disabled young white man and beat him while yelling anti-Trump slogans.  I also suspect few on the Left were aware of the incident in Ithaca, NY when a mentally disturbed man murdered someone because he thought his victim was Donald Trump.  You can be assured that if the murder was of someone the deranged individual thought was Hillary Clinton we would have had days of media coverage about it, blaming Trump for creating an atmosphere conducive to violence.

And since the inauguration we have been deluged by fears of Trumpian repression, but so far the only examples are of non-Progressive speakers at college campuses being prevented, sometimes violently, from speaking.

We've also been deluged by other fears of Trumpian repression, now that he is president.  Fat chance of that happening because the permanent bureaucracy is Democratic and the media will be happy to report on anything untoward the moment it happens.  This is in contrast to how it works in a Progressive administration.  President Obama only had to utter a few thoughts about Citizens United and his political enemies and the Internal Revenue Service was on the job denying tax exemptions to opponents of the administration, while the New York Times attempted to convince us nothing unusual was going on.  

The reason for the fears expressed by Progressives it that it is precisely what they would do if they were in power.

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