Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eric Holder Misquoted

This is outrageous and I'm sure the former Attorney General is already demanding a correction!

According to an article from The Hill yesterday:
Former Attorney General Eric Holder says that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to “have the guts” to say no to President Trump.
Holder criticized Sessions at an event at Georgetown University on Monday, days after Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who had been a subject of frequent criticism from Trump.
However, as Attorney General, Holder proudly described himself as President Obama’s “wing-man, so I’m there for my boy.“, and we know a wing-man never lets the lead pilot down.

And Holder played the key role in facilitating the pardon of Marc Rich for President Clinton, described in left-wing Slate, as “the most unjust presidential pardon in American history”.

That's why I'm confident he was misquoted and actually said Sessions needs to “have the guts I  never had”.

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