Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Family

Posting has not occurred during the past few days as THC and the Mrs traveled to Bismarck, North Dakota for the wedding of the THC Daughter and the new THC Son-in-Law (SIL).  Although both parties to the wedding live in Phoenix, the parents of the THC SIL live in Bismarck and are unable to travel so the Daughter and SIL decided on a small wedding there, followed by a larger reception in Phoenix in two weeks.  We applaud them for their decision; it was the right thing to do and the SIL's parents are delightful folks whom we enjoyed meeting.

The wedding day was one to remember.  It was 25 degrees, windy, and snowy.  It was also a lovely and beautiful day that we will all treasure.

And here are the newly wed couple at their reception dinner.  The Mrs and THC are very happy also.

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