Thursday, July 12, 2018

Things That Make You Go Hmmm . . .

Found this interesting in light of the uproar over the recent NATO summit.

Just became aware (thanks to Austin Bay at Strategy Page) that in May, the Swedish and Finnish Defence Ministers came to Washington and signed a Trilateral Agreement with the United States regarding the national security relationship between the three countries, in response to what is seen as a growing threat from Russia. Neither country is a member of NATO.

While the US has had informal bilateral agreements in the past with each country this is the first time America has joined in a tripartite agreement. Among the items agreed to was a joint military exercise in 2021 to be hosted by Finland.

Announcing the agreement, Secretary of Defence Mattis praised the two European nations for “providing a steady anchor of stability in a region more tense as a result of Russia’s unfortunate, unproductive and destabilizing choices from the Ukraine to Syria.

Here is an article from a Finnish paper on the agreement.
And one from a US publication.

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