Friday, February 8, 2013

How To Order Dinner

Along with pontificating on the events of the day, giving you historical perspective, honoring baseball and posting funny pictures and music videos, THC is committed to helping you to solve your everyday practical problems.  I'm sure one of the toughest issues we all confront is when we go to a restaurant that we've been to many times before and must decide - do I order my favorite dish or try something else on the menu?  How do you decide when to order a new dish and when to go with your favorite?

Thankfully, one of the world's most famous physicists, Richard Feynman (1918-88), worked on the problem.  You can find the answer here.  THC is glad to have the opportunity to make your life better!

Some of you may remember Richard Feynman from this famous moment in the shuttle Challenger investigation.  In addition to winning the Nobel Prize, Professor Feynman was a noted bongo player, sketch artist and practical joker.
You'll hear more about Feynman in future posts.

This still leaves me with a related problem.  When we go to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Savin Rock Roasting Company in West Haven it's difficult to decide whether to order the specials or something off the standard menu.  The specials are usually great, but when I've ordered off the set menu those dishes have also been excellent, including the best pastrami I've ever eaten.  I guess I need to find another physicist.


  1. I think I'll try the O ring entree next time out. dm

  2. Stick with Feynman, he's terrific. I'm sure you can figure out how to order dinner...