Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Blue

The closing song from the last episode of Breaking Bad; a perfect choice since it was Walter White's blue meth that paved his rise.  The Ozymandias episode was the emotional peak for the series with the last two episodes, Granite State and the finale Felina (title from the lyrics of the Marty Robbins' song El Paso), calmer, at least by BB standards (except for the one mass killing), and focused on tying up of the story lines.  Everyone got what they deserved though Stevia sales may take a hit.

Badfinger was a British band signed to Apple Records by Paul McCartney (who also wrote their first hit, Come and Get It).  They had four consecutive Top 10 hits in the UK and US in the early 1970s with Baby Blue being the last.  Here they are performing on some TV show and introduced by, yes, Kenny Rogers!

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