Thursday, March 19, 2015

Carolina Butcher

That's what they are calling this newly discovered 9-foot meat-eating crocodile looking monster that stood on two feet during its heyday about 230 million years ago.
Croco-dinoThe scientists gave it the name Carnufex carolinensis since its remains have been found in North Carolina where it lived before the giant supercontinent of Pangea broke up about 200 million years ago.  THC prefers the English translation.

The Triassic era in which this creature lived sounds quite dog-eat-dog (that is, if dogs had existed back then) as described by scientists:
"The Triassic was a bit of an ecological Twilight Zone: too few plant eaters and an over abundance of predators meant that the hunters often became the hunted"

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  1. Interesting discovery, it makes me wonder what else existed. BTW, I'm hoping NCU doesn't have one of these rascals with them when they met the Badgers in LA. dm