Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tears Of God

The four founders of Los Lobos have been playing together since the mid-70s.  All from East Los Angeles, David Hildago (guitar), Caesar Rosas (guitar), Louie Perez (drums), and Conrad Lozano (bass) play a mix of rock n roll, Chicano funk, folk, traditional Mexican music, sometimes adding a  dash of zydeco or country.  A good live act, go see them if you have a chance.

Here's a ballad, Tears of God.
When it's up to you
To figure out what's right and wrong
It's someone else's parade
And yours is an unhappy song
When it hurts so bad
And you feel that you can't go on
Each day goes by too fast
And the nights are so very long
You'll find out true
What mother said to you
That tears of god will show you the way
The way to turn

And for something more upbeat, Don't Worry Baby.

Emily, in the country/folk mode, with Hildago on fiddle and lead guitar.

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