Thursday, November 17, 2016

Calm Down, Everybody

As readers know, this blog was not a supporter of either major party candidate (or minor ones, for that matter), preferring the office of presidency to remain vacant for the next four years.  And we remain very concerned about the President-elect.  However, the ongoing hysteria about Trump being a white supremacist, racist, homophobe is just crazy.  Moreover, the folks making these allegations fail to realize they've lost all credibility because it's what they always accuse any Republican or conservative of being.  Remember when Joe Biden was telling black audiences in 2012 that Mitt Romney was "going to put y'all back in chains"?

Take a few minutes and read this lengthy piece by Scott Alexander, the pseudonym of a psychiatrist who writes at Slate Star Codex.  His posts are consistently interesting and thought provoking.  He also endorsed Hillary Clinton and thinks Trump is a very weird guy who will be a terrible president.
(From Slate Star Codex)

But he also thinks the hysteria about Trump, at least as to his alleged prejudices, is completely unjustified and should stop.  He takes the reader through the allegations and then patiently deconstructs each.

Here are his closing paragraphs:
Stop centering criticism of Donald Trump around this sort of stuff, and switch to literally anything else. Here is an incompetent thin-skinned ignorant boorish fraudulent omnihypocritical demagogue with no idea how to run a country, whose philosophy of governance basically boils down to “I’m going to win and not lose, details to be filled in later”, and all you can do is repeat, again and again, how he seems popular among weird Internet teenagers who post frog memes. In the middle of an emotionally incontinent reality TV show host getting his hand on the nuclear button, your chief complaint is that in the middle of a few dozen denunciations of the KKK, he once delayed denouncing the KKK for an entire 24 hours before going back to denouncing it again. When a guy who says outright that he won’t respect elections unless he wins them does, somehow, win an election, the headlines are how he once said he didn’t like globalists which means he must be anti-Semitic.

Stop making people suicidal. Stop telling people they’re going to be killed. Stop terrifying children. Stop giving racism free advertising. Stop trying to convince Americans that all the other Americans hate them. Stop. Stop. Stop.

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