Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Disappointing.  Strong cast giving good performances - Amy Adams (always good), Jeremy Renner (always a good second banana) and the reliably solid Forest Whitaker.   Arrival starts well, with what seems to be an intriguing story built around the arrival of twelve alien spaceships around the world.  Amy Adams is a linguist called in to figure out exactly what these space dudes want, and who has an intriguing possible back story of her own.  Forest is the military guy who recruits Adams and Renner is the science man.

The problem is that the movie drags and the plot line has too many holes, with one puzzling and seeming random key twist inserted near the end to apparently clean up a dead end the story has gotten itself into.  There is a big "reveal", but if you are paying any attention you've figured it out well before the film tells you.  I'd anticipated the story would be much more interesting than it was.

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