Friday, February 3, 2017

Maps And More Maps

I'm a sucker for maps. A good map will prompt me to sit there and look at it for hours.  Just purchased an Arizona Gazette and a map of the Phoenix/Tucson region today.  Anyway, I've got hours of more map gazing ahead of me due to two recent discoveries.

First, courtesy of avid THC reader JS, is the Perry-Castenada Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, featuring European history maps from the late 1700s through World War Two.

If you were wondering what the Baltic Lands looked like in 1220, here you go: How about the Balkans and Asia Minor in 1355?

And we mustn't ignore Greek and Phoenician settlements in the ancient Mediterreanan.
Second, the CIA recently released maps it created as far back as the late 1940s.  This is an article from Open Culture describing the project and here's the collection itself.

Cuban missile sites, September 1962.
Soviet GDP by regions in 1953:

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