Friday, December 15, 2017

Outside The Pale

I was very pleased that Alabama Republicans refused to vote for Roy Moore, even though it meant the election of yet another progressive Democrat.  I have no idea about the accuracy of the allegations about his personal life, but there was enough on the record elsewhere to make him unacceptable.

As a lawyer and justice his contempt for the rule of law was an abomination.  And he also seemed to me to be a gay-obsessed racist.

But I have a question for progressives.  Over the past decade enough Republican voters have repeatedly defected from the support of candidates of their party who appeared to be beyond the pale.  For progressives, what combination of beliefs, actions, statements, behaviors, attitudes in a Democratic candidate would be unacceptable to them and lead them not to support that candidate even if it meant the election of a Republican?  I ask because in the 21st century we've seen Democratic candidates with records of anti-semitism, race-baiting, incitements to violence, and hateful statements and prejudices against many of their fellow Americans, but I have yet to see a parallel reaction by Democratic voters to what we've seen from Republicans.

I'm waiting . . .

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