Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Navigating The Blog

I've recently added some features to Things Have Changed to make it easier to navigate and find stuff.

On the left-side there are two new features at the top:

The first is Critical Info which contains key posts about the blog, including this one.

Below it is Posts By Category.  If you are interested in finding all posts on a specific topic, or a post which you can't otherwise find but know the subject matter you can click on the relevant category.  About 95% of the posts to date are labeled in one or more of the listed categories.

The right-side also has two new features located about halfway down the column:

The first is Some Of My Favorite Posts which links a number of posts, mostly from the first months of the blog, that I particularly like.

The second is Most Popular Posts, showing the five posts with the most pageviews.  One-Hit Wonders (1964-68) is by far the most popular post.  I'll occasionally update this section.

Also, below is the text of the May 3 post with additional navigation information.

Had questions from some folks who don't read many blogs.  Key things to know:

The blog looks different depending on whether you are viewing it on a PC/Tablet or a Mobile Device.

PC/Tablet Configuration

If you want to subscribe to the blog (this means getting emails when there are new posts) go to the right-side and put your email address in the Follow By Email box.

Center Column (The Posts)

Within a post if you click on any different colored text is a link that will take you to another website (including YouTube).

If you want to save and bookmark a specific post just click on the title.

If you are interested in seeing posts on similar topics go to the bottom of the post and look at Labels and click the one you are interested in.  For instance, if you click on Music at the bottom of the Summertime post it'll bring up all posts with the Music label.

Left Column (Archives)

You can click in here to find every post that's been published on the blog.

Right Column

If you don't want to leave a Comment but want to email me you'll find my email address in this column.

The Blogroll links to sites that have interesting information and/or opinion.

Mobile Device

You will only see the middle column with The Posts.  To see the full post click on arrow on right side.

If you want to see all three columns scroll as far as you can to the bottom and click on View Web Version.

To subscribe from a mobile device scroll to the bottom. 

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