Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We already did  one post on our visits to the Amalfi Coast (see Praiano) in 2006 and 2010 and we'll probably return there next year.

This is Ravello, another one of the towns we've visited.  Unlike most of the other towns which are located right on the coast, Ravello is on top of a small mountain making it a torturous drive to get there.  This map shows the convoluted road network.  That's why the second time we visited we stayed in Ravello instead of making the daily drive even though it was only about 10 miles from the hotel we like so much in Praiano.(Looking from Ravello down to the coast.  From Google Images.  Rest of pictures are from our trips.)

Your first assignment is getting to Ravello which can be a challenge.  Here's a tip - fold in your side view mirrors.  These photos are of the main road - not a side street.  I just thought of another tip - make sure you get damage coverage on your rental car - take my word on this one.

The neighboring hill town as seen from the plaza.
No motor vehicles are allowed in the center of town so you can walk undisturbed on the paths, stairs and alleys (there are no roads).

We stayed at the Hotel Graal.

View from the hotel restaurant.

Working hard at Ravello restaurants.

                                                                Our terrace.

We've haven't even gotten to the best part of the town yet - the villas - which we'll cover in a separate post.  Let's start walking towards the Villa Cimbrone and stop at a little cafe for a drink first.


  1. Great pics! Okay I'm in, I'll just relive the narrow road challenge through my military field training...I was able to somehow navigate my army jeep at night (lights off) on ungroomed California coastal mountain roads! dm

  2. I think we have just found our driver for our next trip to Ravello.