Sunday, September 20, 2015

C'etait un rendez-vous

A short film made in 1976 by Claude Lelouch, best known for his 1966 movie A Man And A Woman.  Come along on a very fast early morning drive through Paris.  The car is a Mercedes 6.9 but the engine sound is from a Ferrari 275GTB which gave a grittier tone than the Mercedes on which a gyroscopic camera was mounted.  The driver is Lelouch himself.  No permission was granted for the filming which was done in August because in those days Paris became almost deserted for the month long vacation period.  The route is entirely on the Right Bank, starting near the Bois de Boulogne and ending in Montmartre at Sacre Coeur.

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  1. Sweet! But wow, he blew right through quite a few red lights! They did a nice job on the sound editing: the Ferrari engine sounds match the ride (even the tunnel effect). I wonder if he had any tire tread left at the end of this ride. :)