Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dangerous Roads

For those of you who enjoy driving, Dangerous Roads (which we've featured before) has redesigned and greatly improved its website so you can more easily explore some of the best and most challenging driving in the world.  Or if you don't like driving it's still fun to look at the pictures.

A couple of THC's favorites:

Tian Men Shan Big Gate Rd, Hunan Province, China
Tian Men Shan Big Gate RoadThe text mentions that "The driver should be extra careful during the drive. Taking it slow and paying attention to every curve and turn. Not being overly careful could make it too easy to junk a car, or worse injure and even kill passengers."

D915, Trabzond Province, Turkey
Bayburt Of Yolu-D915The text advises "there are many excellent photo opportunities"!  The road is in the same region of Turkey described in the post on the Sumela Monastery.

And this is a road THC has driven several times; the Amalfi Coast Drive in Italy.  Fold in your side view mirrors before attempting.
  Amalfi Coast Road

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