Sunday, April 10, 2016

Return Of The Dan

We did a post awhile ago on THC's favorite Steely Dan guitar solos with links to youtube videos.  Now, with the availability of Dragontape, we can indulge ourselves by editing a video consisting entirely of those favorite solos (for THC's other Dragontape adventures go here).

To get more background on each song, including which one is actually about the Munich Beer Hall Putsch and about Skunk Baxter's post-Dan career as a missile defense consultant to the Pentagon go here.

These are the Top 12 with the lead guitarist.

12.  Peg (Jay Graydon)
11.  King of the World (Denny Dias)
10.  Night by Night (variously attributed to Dean Parks or Skunk Baxter)
9.    Chain Lightning (Rick Derringer)
8.   Aja (Dias)
7.   Boston Rag (Baxter)
6.   Your Gold Teeth II (Dias)
5.   Reelin' In The Years (Elliot Randall - according to Baxter, Randall did this on the first take)
4.   Sign in Stranger (Randall)
3.   My Old School (Baxter)
2.   Kid Charlemagne (Larry Carleton)
1.   Boddhisattva (probably Dias for entire solo, Baxter is one ending solo which is not included)

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