Saturday, September 10, 2016

Share The Wealth

If this guy had been running in 2016, he'd have gotten the Democratic nomination.  Apart from the odd arm gestures, he blows away Bernie Sanders in the demagogue category and even the manipulations of the Clintons and the DNC would not have stopped him.  Give it a listen.

Huey Long was governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932, and then became U.S. Senator.  His Share The Wealth platform was thought by many, including FDR, to be the foundation for a challenge to the President's renomination in 1936 (Long initially supported FDR, but broke with him in late 1933, saying, "Whenever this administration has gone to the left I have voted with it, and whenever it has gone to the right I have voted against it.".  The video below carries the legend, December 11, 1935 but it is incorrect.  By that time Long was dead, gunned down in the Louisiana state capitol in September 1935, by the son-in-law of a political opponent, though it is also possible the mortal wound may have come from his own bodyguards who may have hit him while they shot down the assassin in a hail of bullets.  This excerpt is from a December 1934 speech.

Huey is one of the most astonishing, compelling, and repellent characters in American political history.  Brilliant, a spellbinding orator, corrupt, ruthless and lawless, it's incredible what he got away with, once remarking "A perfect democracy can come close to looking like a dictatorship, a democracy in which the people are so satisfied they have no complaint".  His antics inspired Robert Penn Warren to write one of the greatest American novels, All The King's Men.

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