Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Small Man Becomes Smaller

Having recently indulged in foreign policy as spite, when his administration implicitly denied a Jewish connection with the old city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, by changing long-standing American policy and refusing to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations, all because he can't stand Prime Minister Netanyahu (hey, I don't like him either), even though the vote means the end of any chance, however slight, for a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, President Obama has now indulged himself in another bit of revenge politics on his way out the door.

Obama's latest antic is to reverse long-standing American policy allowing any Cuban refugee who risks their life crossing the dangerous Florida Straits (the majority perish during the trip) to be granted American residency if they land on our coast.  Under the new policy, the refugees will be returned to Cuba.  This is part of Obama's nice guy policy to the Communist government of Cuba, which systematically looted and destroyed that island over the past six decades.  It's also payback, as Cubans, once they become U.S. citizens, tend to vote Republican as opposed to the Democratic leanings of most Latinos.  (For a reminder of what Obama's Cuban policy really means read these THC posts).

It will be a relief to see this petty and petulant man exit the Oval Office.

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