Friday, April 7, 2017


For the Trump administration.

1.  Syria.  Should have sought Congressional approval before strike.  No imminent threat to U.S.  On substance, I am against intervention as these tend not to go well in the Mideast.  In this specific instance there is a reasonable argument in favor of action, though it does not carry day with me.

2.  Justice Gorsuch.  Terrific nominee.  At least as good as Scalia on 4th and 5th Amendment rights for individuals and may be better standing up to oppressive government agencies.  Much better than Progressive nominees who favor big government over the little guy.

3.  Healthcare.  Glad Ryan/Trump proposal got nowhere.  Let's see if this bunch can actually come up with something better before Obamacare collapses on its own.

4.  Russia.  Hopelessly confused about the narrative.  Administration and Democrats both look bad.  As a practical matter looks like worries that Trump will be in Putin's pocket are groundless at this point.

5.  Trump.  Remains unpredictable and impulsive (not good traits).  Still can't stand to listen to him.  Wish he'd stop that twitter stuff.

6.  White House.  Glad Bannon out at NSC, but worried that Kushner and Ivanka are Democrats Lite.  Given lack of Trump ideology this may be problem.  On the other hand, implacable Democratic opposition may close off this avenue for them.

7.  Appointments.  They need to move much faster on getting rid of Democrat appointees in the agencies.

Summary; Administration still erratic, GOP Congressional leadership mostly incompetent (though McConnell handled filibuster well) and Democratic Party, along with its media affiliates, insane.  Who knows where this is going?

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