Saturday, July 12, 2014

Songs I Didn't Like To Admit I Liked Vol 4: Van Halen

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Actually, THC is stretching things a bit in this post.  It's not about a song - it's about a band.  And it's about a band that THC has sometimes admitted to liking.  But the THC Son and Daughter have both informed their Dad several times over the years that they are embarrassed by his fandom and he has been asked to be quiet about it, especially in their presence.

Of course, I'm talking 'bout Van Halen.

There is something alluring about the loony lyrics and antics of David Lee Roth and the innovative guitar confections of Eddie Van Halen which culminated in their classic album 1984 which featured great songs like Jump, Panama and the subtle message tune, Hot For Teacher.
Here's a highlight from the Roth era: Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love ( with the lovely sentiment "you know you're semi-good lookin'")

Now, for the really embarrassing part.  THC is also a fan of some of the music Van Halen made with Sammy Hagar on vocals who took over the departure of Diamond Dave.  THC was already familiar with Sammy from his work with the early metal band Montrose (listen to this live 1974 version of Bad Motor Scooter).
THC is particularly enamored with two songs from the Hagar era.  First up is Finish What Ya Started with a very uncharacteristic and very cool guitar part from Eddie.
Second is Right Now which features a catchy and creative keyboard riff from Eddie, who did keyboards on all the Van Halen records (for instance, Jump) along with handling guitar duties.  


  1. I am glad you admit it - Right now is a great tune> Another closet fan

  2. Must agree Right Now is a great tune .