Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baseball Season Wrap Up

THC was rooting for the Royals but it was a fine game nonetheless.  And how about Madison Baumgarner?

We'll leave you with three items.

First, the Historical:

At you can read about how before the days of TV and even radio, fans used to gather to watch the progress of World Series games on outdoor scoreboards.

Second, the Sublime:

Joe Posnanski on Bill James - Vanguard After The Revolution.  An ideal match of writer and subject. It's about baseball but it is also about how do we know we know anything regardless of the subject.

And finally, the Ridiculous:

From the Daily News: Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Off Finger While Cleaning His Gun.  Bizarre, but somehow not surprising considering who was involved.  We'll let Jose's girlfriend have the final word:
“I have to go home and clean up the blood and mess.  It’s been a long day.” 
Jose and his girlfriend:
Leila Knight and Jose Canseco

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