Friday, October 31, 2014

So Like Candy

Happy Halloween!!  Let's celebrate by listening to So Like Candy by Elvis Costello.
She can't face the day
So she just melts away

Here lies the records that she scratched
And on the sleeve I find a note attached
And it's So Like Candy

My darling dear it's such a waste
She couldn't say goodbye but I admire her taste
And it's So Like Candy
The video is from a terrific 1991 performance on Saturday Night Live.
Elvis collaborated on So Like Candy with Paul McCartney and is the only person with whom McCartney has composed other than John Lennon.  Their partnership produced eleven songs in the late 1980s of which five appeared on Costello albums (including So Like Candy and Veronica) and five on McCartney albums.

The best known of the tunes appearing on McCartney's albums was My Brave Face which has an interesting story behind it.  During his Wings years and thereafter, McCartney avoided writing songs that sounded like the Beatles, particularly the pre-Sgt Pepper Beatles.  In My Brave Face there is a melodic part and lyric "take me to that place" (it first shows up at around 1:45 in the video below) written by Costello and which McCartney felt was too Beatlesque (and indeed, Elvis did so deliberately).  Elvis eventually persuaded McCartney to include the section in the song and when it came to the making the music video he even agreed to insert some Beatles footage.  And Costello appears at around 2:35.

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