Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Little Bit Of Italy

On Monday THC was at his dentist's office and things were running late so he was browsing through the magazines.  Imagine his surprise when he pulled out the April 2014 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine from beneath a rusting pile of periodicals and on the cover was a picture of his favorite place in Italy about which he's written before.  The article was on restaurants with a view and the one featured on the cover was il Pirata located in the Marina Di Prai area of Praiano along Italy's Amalfi Coast.  This picture shows part of the restaurant and above it on the headland the 10th century Saracen tower built to warn the locals about sea-raiders from Sicily and North Africa.

Not pictured but less than 50 feet to the right and up the hill about 25 feet is the Hotel Onda Verde where we've stayed three times in recent years.  Here's a link to the restaurant which features some more pictures of the location.  And yes, it is a nice as it looks.

Restaurants with a View: Il Pirata          Here's the view from the marina area back towards Il Pirata and just above and to the right, the Hotel Onda Verde.

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