Sunday, November 16, 2014


A lot more information has become available since THC's November 12 post on The Truth About the Affordable Care Act so he's decided to update the original post on a continuous basis. You can find it here with six new updates.

THC is paying a lot of attention to this because this is not just about Gruber's deceptions.  He was merely a minion for the White House in this entire process and his role in the passage of the ACA was just part of the overall scheme of lies (or "incorrect promises" as the NY Times likes to say) retailed by the President and his team, including "you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctors, you'll save $2500 a year", lies that were not just for the consumption of the public but also for the purpose of rallying Democratic support in Congress for the bill.  The President's party controlled both houses of Congress in 2009-10 but without these deceptions THC does not believe there would have been enough Democratic votes to enact the ACA.   

As Ron Fournier, a reporter and supporter of the ACA, recently wrote "Obamacare was built and sold on a foundation of lies".

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