Saturday, January 31, 2015

Most Popular Posts 2012

We'll finish up the series with the ten most popular posts from the first year of THC:

1.  It remains by far the most popular post since this blog started, continuing to draw new readers:  One Hit Wonders 1964-68.

2.  Sly Stallone strikes again!  The review of The Expendables 2 includes our selections in the following award categories: Most implausible plot point; Best cameo; Hardest to guess if there is any difference between the actor on and off screen; Most difficult to understand actor; and Best sunglasses.

3.  On the evening of July 5, 1954 Elvis Presley walked into Sun Studios for his first recording session.  The result was That's All Right.  You can learn the story behind what happened that night.

4. Homer Simpson's Paradox.  Woo hoo!  Closely related to Simpson's Paradox which once you are aware of it appears everywhere.

5.  A cable network's decision to fund and broadcast Oliver Stone's love poem to Joseph Stalin prompted this rant: Showtime's Agitprop

6.  Also about Joe Stalin but from a different perspective is one of the greatest novels ever written; Life And Fate

7.  THC's parody of a New York Times story apparently hit the mark. Did You See The NY Times Frontpage Story On Jon Corzine?

8.  Larry & Mark's Excellent Adventure is the tale of two old guys wandering around a Civil War battlefield.

9. All Possess Alike Liberty Of Conscience.  George Washington's 1790 letter to the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island.  As relevant today as it was when written.

10. Perhaps some came looking for vacation rentals? Villas Of Ravello proved popular as have all of THC's Amalfi Coast posts.

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