Thursday, January 29, 2015

Most Popular Posts 2013

Following up on the Popular Posts 2014, THC went back and looked at the results for 2013.  Here's the Top Ten:

1.  A Falling Of Fortresses: The Schweinfurt Raids.  This was a surprise to THC but it was #1 by a large margin.  The tale of the daring US Air Force raids in late 1943 on German ball-bearing manufacturing plants which resulted in the loss of so many bombers that it led to a complete rethinking of the American aerial assault on Germany.

2.  THC's review of US census data from 1860 in Civil War Demographics got a lot of attention.

3.  The post on FDR's most important wartime aide: Who Was Harry Hopkins?  A controversial figure even today.  THC remains an admirer.

4.  Glad to see that THC's favorite American politician from the period between the War of 1812 and the Civil War was also popular with readers: Sam Houston: The Raven.

5.  Yes!  The Steely Dan Guitar Solo Series was a big hit.  You can buy a thrill.

6.  THC reviews a movie he refuses to see.  Find out why: The Company You Keep.

7.  Tarawa is where the United States began its offensive in the Central Pacific in November 1943.  The cost we paid in lives shocked the military and the public.

8.  Giuseppe Lampedusa's classic novel, The Leopard, portrays the decline of Sicilian nobility during the 19th century Risorgimento.  Beautifully written and recreating a melancholic world coming to an end.

9.  THC's recommended music to stay awake by when you're driving at 2am.  Take a look at the playlist for Late Night Driving Music.

And we had a tie for #10:

The battle between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for AM-radio dominance from late 1964 to early 1967 was recounted in Beatles/Stones Face-Off.

THC's favorite Baseball Nickname series rounds out the list.  The following nicknames did not make the final cut:
Ducky-Wucky Medwick, The Yankee Clipper, Hit Em Where They Ain't, The Flying Dutchman, Goose Gossage, Mudcat Grant, Catfish Hunter, Double X, The Mad Hungarian, Spaceman Bill Lee, The Bird, The Big Hurt, The Big Unit, The Say Hey Kid, Oil Can Boyd, The Peerless Leader, Little Eva, The Georgia Peach, The Big Train, The Fordham Flash, The Reading Rifle, The Wild Horse Of The Osage, Poosh 'Em Up, Big Poison, Little Poison, Boom Boom Beck, Dizzy, Daffy, Bobo, Satchel, Stuffy, Gabby, Frenchy, Minnie, Pie, Yaz, Maz, Bucketfoot Al, The Man, The Splendid Splinter, Hondo, Stretch, Daddy Wags, The Toy Cannon, Sudden Sam, Hammerin' Hank, The Wizard of Oz, Pudge, Cool Papa and Pietro Redlight District Distillery Interests

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