Saturday, January 10, 2015

Most Popular Posts of 2014

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THC has compiled this list of the 15 most popular posts from last year (in the course of which he also looked at 2013 and 2012 and will do Top Ten lists for those years in subsequent posts).  In some cases they've matched his favorites, in others he was surprised by the results.  And away we go:

1.   There must be a lot of Sly Stallone fans out there because this review of The Expendables 3 topped the charts.  Of course it was a pretty good movie.

2.  Being drowned by a wall of rapidly flowing molasses proved intriguing to many: Great Boston Molasses Flood.

3.  THC didn't realize till recently that the 1981 hit Tainted Love was actually a cover of a very good 1964 original.

4.  The story of my grandfather Louis and his voyage on the RMS Republic proved popular.

5.  THC's imaginary combination of the careers of Dazzy Vance and Sandy Koufax in Dazzy Koufax (with references to Van Lingle Mungo and The Big Lebowski) was his most read baseball post and the related Gibson Koufax Marichal Mashup was #12. 

6.  Eddie Coyle's Friend: George V Higgins got some attention.  THC is very happy with that.

7.  The review of Bill Bryson's book One Summer: America 1927 which featured the fates of the aviators that year (Flyboys) was of considerable interest as was a related post which finished at #8, TWA Flight 599, about the fateful 1932 plane crash that killed Knute Rockne and transformed aviation safety.

8.  See #7

9.  Looks like a lot of folks enjoy the guitar playing of The Edge of U2 and maybe some want to learn to play just like him!

10.  Is Christopher Walken The Burt Bacharach Of Acting?  You'll need to read the post, if you haven't already, in order to find out.

11.  The ancient Roman city of Dura Europos on the Euphrates piqued reader's interest.

12.  See #5

13.  A lot of the readers went out to the ballgame with us on Ballpark Tour 2014.

14.  Many peeked at THC's list of his Favorite Songs of 2014.  Wonder if they agreed?

15. A very fast riser in the charts is the recent post Top 5 Reasons We Ended The Cuba Embargo.

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