Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pont Neuf

THC particularly likes this 1872 painting of Pont Neuf by Auguste Renoir as he and the Mrs have walked across the bridge on many occasions over the past forty years.  It is from the perspective of an observer in the lower floors of one of the buildings on the Right Bank of the Seine (the side the Louvre is on), looking towards the buildings on Ile de la Cite on the left and, on the right, the equestrian statue of Henry IV who inaugurated the bridge, the oldest in Paris, in 1607 (unfortunately, the statue is partially obscured by the side column of this blog).  Between the buildings and the statue you can see the buildings of the Left Bank in the background.

One our last trip to Paris, the apartment we rented was a half-block down a Left Bank street, the view of which is blocked by the tree to the right of the Henry IV statue.

In the foreground, with a light colored hat, cane and greenish pants, is Renoir's brother Edmond, who the painter asked to delay some people in the street as he outlined the scene.

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