Friday, August 14, 2015

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1.  John Kerry in Havana to celebrate re-opening of American Embassy.  As this AP article notes, the Obama Administration is following its Iran playbook - opponents of the dictatorship are not being invited to the event - which, as AP notes, is "vividly illustrating how U.S. policy is shifting focus to its [Cuba's] single-party government" (and just to reinforce who's the big dog in this new relationship, the Cuban government went out of its way to arrest more opponents last week).   Message from Obama to Cuban dissidents: "you're on your own!".

Which, if you remember, is precisely what Obama did in 2009 when the Green Revolution, opposing the Iranian regime's rigged election, was underway. The Administration went out of its way to avoid supporting the aspirations of the regime's opponents while recognizing and reemphasizing on multiple occasions that it recognized the legitimacy and stability of the regime of the Ayatollahs.  The recent nuclear deal only underscores that the regime's opponents are on their own.

Beginning to unthaw relations with Cuba may have been a good idea in the right circumstances, but doing so while giving the regime carte blanche with nothing in return is appalling.  Just remember if you are tempted to spend your vacation dollars there now that travel is easier that the wages of Cubans employed those business permitted to operate by the regime are not paid by those businesses to their Cuban employees.  They are paid to the state which takes everything above the maximum monthly wage of about $20 a month.

As a reminder here are the Top 5 Reasons We Ended The Cuba Embargo.

2.  Over at National Journal liberal journalist Ron Fournier disassembles Hillary Clinton's explanation of the email fiasco, taking apart the talking points of campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri.  A sample:
"… more than 30,000 emails. In fact, she handed over too many  …"

Whoa, if true. Unfortunately, she didn't hand over enough.
More emails were deleted by Clinton than returned to government archives. Under political and legal pressure, she finally gave the FBI her server this week. Her attorney says it has been wiped clean. How convenient.
One thing Fournier left out was that we know the deleted emails included relevant information since when her advisor Sid Blumenthal turned over to Congress the emails he sent to Hillary to Congress it turned out they were not among the select emails Clinton decided to hand over to the State Department.  By the way, did you know that when she turned over the emails she decided not to delete she did not do so electronically?  There were 55,000 pages of paper copies, a tactic designed to thwart the electronic search of the documents.

In legal terms, what Clinton has done by destroying evidence that she was obligated to preserve is called "spoiliation".  When this is done the legal presumption created is that the fact finder is entitled to conclude that the evidence destroyed was damaging.

On the other hand the good news is that the Chinese and Russians can probably provide us with copies of the missing emails!

But for our Democratic readers don't fear if Hillary's campaign is faltering.  HE is coming to the rescue!
0cb992fda13b996c8a9bf72c12833ea0And if that's not exciting enough, here's news from Buzzfeed: Al Gore is considering getting into the race!
Last night Mickey Kaus tweeted about this photo:
Al Gore no longer looks like Al Gore.  He looks like the container for Al Gore.

3.  Unfortunately for those of you who are R's the news is no better, though it at least remains relatively unchanged:

On one side you've got the Jeb Bush/McConnell/Boehner Axis of Ineffectiveness.

On the other you've got Donald Trump; The Bambino of Bombast/ The Sultan of Swagger/The Colossus of Clownishness/ The Jessie Ventura of 2016 

So the question is whether this is more like:
Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you
Trying to make some sense of it all, but I see it makes no sense at all
- Stealers Wheel
Or more like Pappy O’Daniel v Homer Stokes?

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