Thursday, August 6, 2015

Soloing With Neil Young

Via the wonders of Dragontape, THC has compiled this audio of some of his favorite Neil Young guitar solos through the editing of YouTube videos (all guitars, no vocals).  Neil certainly lacks the technical chops of the various Steely Dan guitarists (see Steely Dan Guitar Solos) but makes up for it with his emotive powers.

Track List:

Cowgirl In The Sand
Down By The River
Mansion On A Hill
Leave (Buffalo Springfield)

Like A Hurricane
I've Been Waiting For You
Mr Soul (Buffalo Springfield)
Cinnamon Girl
Cowgirl In The Sand

You can listen here. [UPDATE: If you are seeing this post on a PC or tablet you can click either the video or the link to hear the mix.  If you are seeing it on a mobile device you are only seeing the link and it will not play properly - sorry.]

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