Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Your Media At Work

Here are Norah O'Donnell, Charlie Rose and Gayle King putting on their shocked faces over the huge hikes in Obamacare premiums.  So invested in protecting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, they pretend this is unexpected and unprecedented, ignore that Obamacare opponents predicted this in 2010, and the reasons behind it are a mystery.  We get the media we deserve.

On the other hand, Charlie Rose may have been playing it a bit coy here.  Below is Charlie in May 2016 on his PBS show, sharing a laugh with Obama's young speechwriters about the big joke they played with the "if you like your insurance, you can keep it" line - the big lie used to help pass Obamacare.  Glad they find it funny.  The millions who lost their coverage didn't.

Remember - this is the 21st century's signature domestic policy initiative of the Democratic party.

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