Monday, May 13, 2013

Master Blaster

Stevie Wonder turns 63 today.  It was hard to narrow it down but these are my three favorite Wonder tunes.

I Was Made To Love Her (1967)

Classic Motown bass line and what a great vocal break in the middle!  Stevie was 16 when he co-wrote this.

Boogie On, Reggae Woman (1974)

Incredibly catchy, rhythmic song.  Try making your body motionless while listening to it.  Just try!  You can't do it.  And just listen to the harmonica playing by Stevie.  He also does the infectious bass line on a Moog synthesizer.

Master Blaster (1980)

Another great rhythm tune.  This is a live version but with bad syncing between the vocal and the video or else it's another live performance that they matched with a different performance.  Written as a tribute to Bob Marley.  Great vocal tongue twisting by Stevie at the end.

Here's my favorite song written by Stevie Wonder that became a hit for someone else:  Tell Me Something Good by Rufus with the great Chaka Khan on vocals.

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