Friday, August 29, 2014

More Cowbell

The gang over at Grantland (founded by Bill Simmons who wrote the book on NBA basketball - "literally" as Joe Biden would say) has been running a contest to determine the best Saturday Night Live cast member as the show celebrates its 40th anniversary.  It's been at least 20 years since THC was a regular viewer and maybe a decade since he's seen any SNL broadcast live so he feels a little out of the loop.  However, to no one's surprise Will Ferrell won beating out Phil Hartman in the final vote.

Most of all it gives THC an excuse to run one of his favorite SNL sketches "More Cowbell" a retelling of Blue Oyster Cult's recording of Don't Fear The Reaper Although Ferrell is fine as the lead cast member in the sketch he is outshone by his absurdly small and midriff-revealing shirt and most of all by the amazing stylings of Christopher Walken as the legendary imaginary producer Bruce Dickinson ("before we're done here, ya'll be wearing gold plated diapers") who also manages to be the only person keeping a straight face for the entire sketch (for more on Walken see Is Christopher Walken The Burt Bacharach Of Acting?)
Without further ado this link will take you to Hulu where you can watch More Cowbell.

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