Monday, September 29, 2014

Regular Season Wrap Up

This will be the first post-season since 1993 not to see either the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees playing.  The Yankees have appeared 17 times since then and the Red Sox made it to the post-season on 10 occasions.  The times they are a-changin'.

We did make it to Fenway yesterday to see Derek Jeter's farewell and experience the oddity of having perhaps half those attending being Yankee fans.  It was a fun afternoon with many former Sox showing up - Yaz, Lynn, Rice, El Tiante - as well as some icons from other Boston sports including Paul Pierce and Mr Hockey, Bobby Orr, who nearly 40 years after retiring got the biggest hand - other than Jeter.  They showed this tribute from Will Ferrell (as a Sox fan), Chris Rock and Kevin Hart. Big Papi led the current Sox squad out to say farewell to Mr Jeter and we all, Sox fans included, gave a fond goodbye to a respected foe.  Next up for Derek is bringing about World Peace.  We can't wait for A-Rod's farewell so we can give him a more traditional Red Sox send off.   

Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner                       Excommunicated From Church Of Baseball
  We'll wrap up by taking you to Grantland's Year-End Pitching GIF Awards.  Here's a sneak preview of two of the winners:

Corey Kluber (Indians): Slider

Felix Hernandez (Mariners) Changeup

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