Saturday, September 6, 2014

What If Michael Bay Directed GIFS?

From reddit via Twisted Sifter.

Michael Bay is the over the top Hollywood director responsible for the Transformer series, Bad Boys, the particularly execrable Pearl Harbor (which prompted Parker & Stone to write the song End Of The Act with the lyric "why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies" for the film Team America:World Police), The Rock and Armageddon (which THC admits to having a soft spot for).

A bunch of folks (that's the technical term for you amateurs) with time on their hands created a number of gifs as if Michael Bay was the director.  Here are my two favorites:

michael bay gifs (5)michael bay gifs (1)But go take a look at all of them and pick your favorite.

And, EXTRA BONUS!, since the version of End of the Act linked above does not include all the lyrics, here's the complete version.

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