Saturday, October 17, 2015

Driving In Domme

Domme is completely surrounded by its medieval walls and cliffs so its footprint has not expanded in seven centuries which presents a challenge for driving.  To enable the town to function most streets are one way.  The four short videos below document the route we had to take from entering the town to getting to our house.  NOTEVideos may not display properly on mobile devices.

#1:  You see the remnants of the town wall and then we drive through the narrow gate.  Our house is on the same street only a block and a half further uphill but it is one way in the wrong direction.  Instead we have to take a right which eventually brings us to one of the two main squares in town.

#2:  We drive through the square and take a right which takes us past the other gate into town.  We then start going uphill towards the upper part of town and the cliffs overlooking the Dordogne River Valley.

#3:  At the upper town we turn left and drive past the hospital.

#4:  We drive through the other main square in town and then turn left and head downhill towards the gate through which we originally entered.  At the end you can see our house directly ahead.  You'll also hear Mrs THC mutter "oh rats" because she's noticed that on the little side street to the right the parking spot we usually tried to get was already taken.

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