Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Turn To Stone

Was reminded of this song when watching Black Mass a few evenings ago (post forthcoming on the film).  Great tune by riffmaster Joe Walsh from his outstanding 1974 album, So What.  THC predicts a Joe Walsh guitar mashup coming soon to this blog.

So What contains some very subtle and tender music.  Listen to Help Me Thru The Night, Falling Down:
Making no deposit, no return
Making the same mistakes, we never learn
All of the pain in those faces
Trying not to show concern

Spent and broken
Like a worn out subway door in the city

Hanging in the closet, wait in line
When you go by the laws, you pay the fine
I'm burning the candle at both ends
Twice the light in half the time

Down to crawlin'
Feel like I'm falling
Oh & yes, the rain doesn't have to hurry in the city;
Falls sadly to the ground
Rain doesn't have to hurry in the city                                                                                   Only way to fall is down
And finally, Song For Emma, which THC did not realize until researching this post was written for Joe's 3-year old daughter who died earlier that year in a car accident while on her way to nursery school.

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