Monday, October 5, 2015


What a great movie.  Having missed its theatrical release, THC caught Whiplash last week on a plane flight.  While there are many speaking parts this is really a two-person play about an aspiring drummer and his demanding music school instructor.  More precisely it's about the obsessive drive for individual excellence - this is no group project.

The lead actors are terrific: JK Simmons, who won a supporting actor Oscar, and Miles Teller, who is just as good but what prevents the movie from lapsing into a cliche is the characters they play; Andrew Nieman (Teller) is more complex than he initially appears while Terrance Fletcher (Simmons) remains exactly the guy you see in the first scene. They are both talented people whom you would not invite to join you for dinner.

THC does not know much about jazz but he loved the music and he could watch the last scene, which lasts several minutes with minimal dialogue, a few more times.

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