Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lickety Split

If you read THC during its early months you'll know we are huge fans of Robert Randolph and The Family Band.  The first post on this blog featured one of their tunes - I Need More Love, with its explosive rhythm line, followed by The Thrill Of It with, channeling Jack Black in School Of Rock, a face-melting guitar solo, and then Ain't Nothing Wrong With That with its monster bottom beat.

Robert and the Band just released a new album, Lickety Split.  The Family in the Family Band is Robert's cousin Danyel on bass, his cousin Marcus on the drums and his sister Lenesha on backup vocals. Here's Robert with more on the new record, his family background in New Jersey and his church.

Robert's music is upbeat and fun (and a great live band) with Lickety Split continuing in that tradition.  Enjoy the listening.  This is a (mostly) instrumental cut, Get Ready.
My favorite Randolph tune remains a live performance of Pressing My Way.  There isn't a good performance on YouTube so THC highly recommends purchasing their first album, Live At Wetlands, ignoring the rest of the record and just play Pressing My Way several times.

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