Sunday, November 11, 2012

Joy To The World

We are back online!  A few hours ago two guys in a small Optimum truck showed up at the downed wires and we now have nice, new, thick wires hanging from the poles.  I don't know if the email I sent yesterday afternoon to Cablevision's CEO, James Dolan (parent company of Optimum) and to the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut had any impact on accelerating the 5-7 day timetable but, whatever the reason is, we're pretty happy.

And, best of all Dear Readers, you will not be subjected to any more painful lamentations.

Regular THC programming resumes tomorrow.


  1. Their return email(albeit unlikely) would offer some clarity, but hopefully next day service was their reply. Either way, your email is likely to give decision makers pause for thought. Anyway, glad you're connected again! dm

  2. Thank goodness the whining is over... God bless the cablemen...