Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Exit

Day 13.  The downed wires remain peaceful and undisturbed on their bed of leaves, dappled by the remnants of the recent snow, comfortable in the knowledge that they can enjoy their quiet repose for  another five to seven days according to the folklore of the simple, yet hard-working, villagers of the hamlet of Optimum.

Dogs roam the streets.  I aimlessly wander the halls and rooms of our home.  I peer through a window at the dull bark and empty branches of trees bereft of their leaves and I wonder - should we attempt to flee or is there no exit?

Over the hills and down the valleys
Soaring aloft and far below
Lying on stony ground the fragments
Truth is the seed we tried to sow

Tongue tied with threads of conversation
Weighing the words one tries to use
Nevertheless communication
This is the gift you must not lose

Could it be evil thoughts become me
Some things are better left unsaid
Magical moment
The spell it is breaking
There is no light here
Is there no key?
- From Strictly Confidential by Roxy Music, composed by Bryan Ferry

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