Saturday, November 10, 2012

No Hope, No Change

Day 12 and I sink further into the pit of existential despair.  Alas, from its gloomy depths, I must inform you, Dear Readers, that I was under a misapprehension when I wrote several days ago that Optimum had successfully completed the task of scheduling a repair on our neighborhood outage.

After numerous calls and emails with Optimum yesterday afternoon and evening I discovered that they had not scheduled the repair at that time and it was only on Friday, eleven days after the storm, that someone had visited the downed lines.   They did bring some repair equipment with them but a few minutes observation made it clear they needed a "bigger boat".

Our outage has now been referred to the Optimum Construction Department (I am not making this up) with a high priority.  I am reliably informed that they have placed an urgent equipment order with an Asian manufacturer known for its high quality.  Once the required equipment is fabricated, shipped and delivered to Optimum they will promptly fix the outage.  Until this happens, Optimum has assured us it will work tirelessly on our behalf 24/7 - regretfully with little impact.

I am increasingly reminded of the movie, The Cable Guy, a 1996 film starring Jim Carrey, as The Cable Guy and Matthew Broderick as "the unsuspecting prey", "the mark", aka "the customer", with Ben Stiller directing.  The movie was billed as a dark comedy but it is very, very dark without much comedy.  It is better described as an unsettling and disturbing film.

To get us in the spirit of things here is Jim Carrey's memorable version of Somebody To Love from the film.  Talk about disturbing!

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